Family therapy helps families or individuals within a family understand and improve the way family members interact with each other and resolve conflicts together. It strengthens the entire family, allowing each family member to rely on one another to work towards desired family change.


It enables family members, couples and others who care about each other to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to understand each other’s experiences and views, appreciate each other’s needs, build on strengths and make useful changes in their relationships and their lives. Individuals can find Family Therapy helpful, as an opportunity to reflect on important relationships and find ways forward.


Couple counseling provides a safe place to address everyday issues. The therapist provides a neutral non-judgmental third party to help kept discussions on-track and calm. The couple can then talk without getting emotionally overloaded.


Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) can help you become aware of the hidden agenda of romantic love, and to see that relationship is an opportunity for growth. Imago provides tools which enable a couple to move from conflict and disconnection back into connection.


You may be confused because you don't know what is bothering you. Maybe you know it would be useful to talk things through but others are busy with their own problems.


Individual counseling offers a safe place to talk through the things that are worrying you - where you will be carefully listened to, without being judged, and given the space to make sense of what is happening and the encouragement and support to find a way through.